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19 things I’ve learnt in 19 years

Besides learning the obvious things that every functioning human being should know, these are 19 more obscure things I’ve learnt in 19 years.

1.Do not beat yourself up over things you didn’t do as well as you’d hoped or shouldn’t have done at all. Being angry at yourself will not change anything, just embrace the mistake and learn from it.

2. There is more to life than other people’s opinions.

3. Do not speak to yourself in a way that you would not accept from others. You are the only person you have to spend the rest of your life with, so why don’t you start loving yourself in such a way that other people know what you expect from them.  In the words of the great RuPaul, “If you can’t love yourself how the hell you gonna love somebody else.”

4. Not everyone suits the education system and that’s okay. Don’t let this stop you from harnassing your potential, you’ll find your place. 

5.Hold on to good friends, whilst continuing to make new ones. The people you surround yourself with is so important, they’ll either tear you down or give you the push you need. Same goes for romantic relationships, be with someone that supports your ambitions.

6.Days off are necessary – we’re blood and bones, not cogs and circuit boards. Sometimes what you need is to put your work away, have a nap and go for a walk. 

7. Tell the people you love, regularly that you love them. Our family has had its fair share of health scares, life is very unpredictable so appreciate people whilst you have them.

8. Stroke all dogs, every single one (Unless otherwise instructed by the owner).

9. Your appearance does not equate to your capabilities in other areas of your life. If you don’t want to wear make up, don’t. 

10. Cry often by yourself, with other people, at films – It doesn’t matter just empty those tear ducts. 

11. Laugh loudly at least once a day. 

12. Compliment others

13.Be in the moment, it is easy to become swept up in life. But when you hone in and focus on just being present, you’ll be living in that moment whilst you make it a memory. 

14. If everyone likes you then you’re doing something wrong.

15. Leap at opportunities, if not you’ll remain stagnant.

16.Be inquisitive – Always question everything. In a world where we tend to take everything at face value, it’s important we get down to the nitty-gritty truth of matters. But also, ask people silly questions. 

17. Gin is good for you – health wise maybe not but I’ve always had a great time when gin has been consumed.

18.Making yourself proud is important  – celebrate big and small achievements. 

19. Take photos of everything.

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Counting 100 sheep

My flat mate thinks of a hundred things she’s grateful for before she goes to bed. A hundred is a lot, 20 I’m sure I could rattle off like my favourite foods; but at some point after that I might begin to trail into mumbles. She explained “100 makes you think more because 10 is quite easy.. but 100 stretches you, to think of all the small things you look past and might forget.”

Here’s my list, for when I’m so caught up in the chaos of the world & need a little perspective

1.Parents & Step parents

2. Siblings: blood related and step.

3. Grandparents

4. Extended family

5. Lewis

5. Good friends: the day ones and the newbies

6. Living with a roof over your head

7. Clean drinking water & food in the fridge

8. A brilliant view from the flat’s kitchen

9. Meg buying me her favourite coffee

10. The freedom to say whatever I want

11. Hair dye

12. A cool metal spine

13. The ability to hear

14. The ability to taste

15. Having something to be passionate about

16. My degree

17. Weekly planners

18. The snow

19. The Sun

20. Kind strangers

21. Deep laughs

22. Hot, hot showers

23. Living in Bristol

24. Flowers: From daisy chains to bouquets

25. Coffee: Sorry Dad, it is instant coffee!

26. Notes

27. Thick blankets

28. Not setting an alarm

29. Takeaways

28. Pretty earrings

29. Cocktails

30. Gin

31. A good old Spoons

32. Student discount

33. A well needed cry

34. 10 fingers & 10 toes

35. Magic Stars

36. Dogs

37. Cats

38. Rainy days

39. Good playlists

40. Finishing work well before the deadline

41. Big Jumpers

42. Scary films with Tom

43. Sentimental gifts

44. Late night chats

45. Text Messages

46. A place to always call home

47. Books that make me laugh, cry and angry.

48. Fiery People

49. Weddings

50. Birthdays

51. Parties

52. Watching people do things they love

53. Making lists

54. Paydays

Do schools kill creativity?

55. Ted Talks

56. Memorable teachers

57. Walks: Long or short

58. Fuzzy Socks

59. Hugs

60. Shared experiences

61. People that make you smile from their presence

62. Brutal honesty

63. Poems

64. Power naps

65. Scrapbooking

66. Having more money in your account than you thought.

67. Career Opportunities

68. Audio books

69. Dressing Gowns

70. Photographs: Analogue & Dialogue

71. Peep Show

72. My legs & arms

73. Bruises and scars

74. Chocolate

75. Reasons to get up in the morning

76. Fresh fruit

77. Painting something, anything

78. Eyeshadow palettes

79. Clothes with good memories

80. Sushi

81. Being able to help others

82. Headphones

83. Buses

84. Waking up

85. Contact lenses

86. Umbrellas

87. Good work ethics

88. Second attempts at things

89. Cute Underwear

90. Funny looking animals – Giraffes, Hippos …

91. Weekends away

92. The beach

93. Comfortable silences

94. My bed

95. Doing the impossible

96. Family traditions

97. Bad dancing

98. Holidays

99. Financial security

100. Green Spaces