Well hello there, I wondered when I might be seeing you.

Welcome back! If you’re not already aware I’m Mimi Granell, a self confessed nosey parker.

This blog is a relatively new outlet, enabling me to figure out the world around me. I haven’t got a specific plan for the posts you’ll be seeing, all I know is they’ll be about things I deem important.

If there’s any topics you think would be interesting for me to look into, then please send me an email. I’m always looking for suggestions!

All opinions are my own, unless stated otherwise.

Mimi is a hardworking, professional and talented individual with a bubbly personality and clear flair for writing. Her ability to curate a story is certainly one of her standout skills. She's certainly 'one to watch' as the next generation of young journos take centre stage."
Alex Crowther
Marketing & Communications Manager at Weston-super-Mare AFC
 "She is a true force of nature and an advocate of ‘telling it, how it is’. She is a 'people person' and is interested in learning more about how society works or rather doesn’t! She is brave, resilient and hard working. She has an excellent work ethic and takes great satisfaction in doing a job well. She is a consummate communicator."
Lisa Richardson-Humphrey
Illustration MA Lecturer at the Arts University Bournemouth
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